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04.05.17: Results of latest draws of Expressions of Interest (EOI) in residence in New Zealand under Investor 2 Category

Cape Reinga - New Zealand's northernmost point

The minimum number of points required for selection has remained stalled at 70 since August 2017. Changes to this category are scheduled to take effect from this month. The next draw will be on 11 May 2017, and the final draw under the current instructions is likely to be on 19 May 2017. These include doubling the minimum investment to $3 million NZ but removing the requirement to also have $1 million in settlement funds, increasing the points available for business experience and English language skills and also increasing the number of places available each year from 300 to 400.  This may increase your points or decrease them, depending on your circumstances. No one yet knows whether the impact of these changes will change the minimum points required for selection. If you wish to discuss how these changes might impact you, please Contact Us

Changes to the value of the NZ$ and other world events may have an impact.  If you can get to 70 points or more you would seem to have a very strong chance of being selected immediately.  Take a look at Investor 2 left in Pool Investor 2 left in Pool showing clearly the new trend.

Currently, if you are a 50 year old whose first language is English and you have 10 years of business experience, you would need around $2 million NZ to invest to get to 70 points.  Remember that you also need a further $1 million to live on for a few years and that you still have to match the character, health and language requirements. If you can reach $10 million NZ, then the route is much quicker and simpler for you!

If this category is still out of reach, consider setting up or buying into a business and working in it full-time for a few years, then maybe you could look at the Entrepreneur route or another category.

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