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About us

Karen Phillips: Licensed Immigration Adviser No: 201300138 (Director).

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREKaren was the first UK-based holder of the Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice, currently the only way to acquire a a Licence.  Check out the Immigration Advisers Authority website (www.iaa.govt.nz) to find out more about the importance of working with a Licensed Immigration Adviser.  If your adviser is not licensed, Immigration New Zealand will not accept your application. Karen holds dual New Zealand and United Kingdom citizenship.  She is educated to Masters level and has worked in academic and management roles in tertiary education in both the UK and New Zealand.  Until June 2012, she was the Group Leader for Information Technology at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in Tauranga.  In this role she worked closely with the IT community, employed IT and other professionals and selected international students from many parts of the world.  She also worked in the Real Estate industry in New Zealand as well as buying and selling several properties herself, including a lifestyle block.  As a mother of three, she has also experienced school life in both countries and learned the key differences. Throughout almost 11 years, Karen wrote illustrated newsletters to family and friends in the UK (and beyond) describing the similarities and differences between the UK and NZ, the highs and occasional lows.  She also wrote a guide to travelling around New Zealand, which you might find informative and hopefully fun to read.  Check out Karen’s LinkedIn profile and endorsements. Karen is currently based in the UK for family reasons but divides her time between the two countries.

Martin Phillips: Business Director

EMartin has been the director of his own businesses in both the UK and New Zealand. He has also lived and worked in both countries, has dual nationality and is an expert on website photography and art.  His background and technical qualifications are as a Food Technologist, working in the food and agricultural industries in many countries including New Zealand, UK, South America and the Middle East both running his own business and as an employee. While in New Zealand he also ran a 9 acre Lifestyle Block and rapidly learned a lot about tractor driving, maintaining electric fences, livestock and horticultural production. If you would like to ask Martin a question about any of these areas email him on info@workstudylivenewzealand.co.uk or complete the contact form.