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Are you ready?

Making decisions can be very hard and one as big as moving to the other side of the world deserves careful consideration.  Maybe you are someone who likes to dive into new situations without hesitation or perhaps you tend to get stuck on the brink.  If you are not yet firmly committed to emigration,read on!

Karen is a qualified business coach, certified by the International Coach Federation. She has put together some questions for you to consider.  If you are contemplating emigration as part of a family group, why not get each person to work out their own answers to these questions and then see whether you are all seeking the same goals.

Suggestion:  Find yourself a quiet place where you will not be interrupted and when you have at least 30 minutes free without being under time pressure.  Consider your answer to each question honestly and make brief notes of key points.  Take your time.  If you have a person you trust who does not have a vested interest in the outcome of your decision-making, maybe get them to ask you the questions and then sit silently and wait for you to work out your answers. (This is harder than you might think!)  If you would like help with this process, email us on info@workstudylivenewzealand.co.uk to book a 45 minute coaching session.  This service is completely independent of any steps you might later take should you decide to go ahead with getting a visa.  We work with a number of certified coaches all of whom have lived in more than one country.  A coach can facilitate the process of making this decision by listening to what you say (and what you don’t say) and asking you targetted questions to allow you to recognise your current position on this journey and achieve your goals. It could be one of the biggest decisions you ever make, it’s important to get it right!

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