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Living in NZ

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For many people New Zealand is an attractive destination because of its similarities to the UK.  They speak English, the education system is not so different, you can even buy many of the same products in the shops.  However, there are differences.  Sometimes, these differences are what making moving to New Zealand so attractive, but occasionally they can be confusing.  For more than 10 years, Karen wrote monthly newsletters to family and friends in the rest of the world.  They describe life in NZ from the perspective of a new migrant.  Many things have changed since (for example the exchange rate in 2001 was 3.6 NZ$ to £1!). They represent one family’s perspective and cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate. Edited highlights from these letters are available as a source of enlightenment and/or amusement for those contemplating the move.  There was an enormous wealth of information about horse riding and Pony Club in NZ – the majority of which has been removed to retain the sanity of readers.  However, if you are interested, just ask.  Karen was District Commissioner of her local Pony Club for several years.   Here are a few of the first newsletters.  If you think you can face more, email info@workstudylivenewzealand.co.uk and you can have as many as you like, right up to 2012!


Here’s one attempt to suggest a magical experience for newcomers to NZ! VIRTUAL TOUR OF NEW ZEALAND

If you would like to read more about New Zealand, watch movies, find material for the children, understand the vocabulary differences or begin to get familiar with a few Māori words click on the menus.

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