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English v Kiwi

English words used or pronounced differently in New Zealand (a few of our favourites)

Dairy             Covenience store/corner shop/newsagent

Jandals          Flip-flops

Geyser           Pronounce guy-ser unless using a slang word for a man

Database       Pronounced dartabase

Yoghurt         Pronounced yo- (rhymes with go) gurt

Race             A path/bridletrack through farmland – as well as normal usage

Horse Float    A horse trailer.  Also used as a verb e.g. “does your horse float well?” i.e. travel well in a trailer

Kiwifruit         – the word “kiwi” refers to New Zealanders or small, endangered species of indigenous NZ bird

Manchester    the department in a store that sells bedding

Bach             Pronounced “batch” – A seaside or country property – usually a holiday home.

Section (land)    Plot

Shelter belt    A screen of trees usually macrocarpa to keep wind off kiwifruit

Togs            Swimming costume/ trunks