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Māori words

While not many of you will need many Māori words, some of them are in common usage and it is helpful to understand them (in my opinion).  Here are few of the most common.  If you want to know more check out this maori dictionary.

Kia ora            Hello or sometimes thank you

Haere mai       Welcome

Haere ra          Farewell

Tena koe         Hello (to one person)

Tena koutou    Hello to three or more people

Kai                  Food

Kapai              That’s good!

Whanau           Family

Kaumatua        Elders

Wahine            Women

Karakia            A prayer

Waiata             A song

Powhiri            Welcome ceremony

Moko               Traditional tattoo on face (or body)

Iwi                  A Māori tribe

Nui                at end of word = large

Nuinui            even larger

Iti                  at end of word = small

Itiiti                even smaller

Rangatira       leader

Mana            respect

Tane           Man