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There are several steps to take to see if your qualification will be recognised in New Zealand.  First, check if your exact qualification is listed on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment (LoQEA) You will need to look carefully at the exact name of your qualification, the institution from which it was obtained and the year gained. NOTE THAT FOR MANY COUNTRIES INCLUDING THE UK, ALL QUALIFICATIONS OBTAINED AFTER 2014 MUST BE INDIVIDUALLY ASSESSED!  MAKE SURE YOU READ THE SMALL PRINT! If it’s on the list, you are in luck!  If not, you can apply to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority for either a preliminary (cheaper) assessment or a full assessment. If you go for a preliminary assessment first, you will still need a full assessment later. This takes time, so you may need to create yourself a timeline so your medicals or deadline for applying don’t pass before you are ready.   If your academic transcript and qualification is not in English, you will first need to obtain an official translation from an approved translator.  If you have any questions or concerns about this Contact Us.  Karen worked in Higher Education in New Zealand for 9 years.