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Visitor Visas

You may not need a visa for a short visit to New Zealand so long as you don’t want to work or study. If you are a UK Citizen you can spend six months in New Zealand on a visa waiver.  For some other countries, this is three months.  See the list of Visa Waiver Countries.  If you have already spent time in New Zealand in the last few years and want to return, contact us  to check out your eligibility. In general, you will need to show that you have sufficient funds for your stay and return journey, that you meet the health and character requirements and that you are a ‘bona fide’ visitor – that is, that you intend to return to your home country before your visa expires.

Special classes of visitor

Some people can get a visitor visa on different terms than stated above.  These include partners and dependent children of New Zealand Citizens/Residents, work visa holders and some student visa holders (depends on the level of the course).  Special visas are also available for parents and grandparents of New Zealanders, visiting academics and people who have arrived on a private yacht or aircraft. People aged 66 and over who want to have a temporary retirement visa for New Zealand can also get a special visitor visa so long as they meet the investment and income criteria. There are many specific categories here.  Contact us  if you think you might qualify for a Special Visitor Visa or need to find out more.

All visitors must meet the health and character requirements.